7D TECHNOLOGY employs a uniquely designed and testable energetic profile that can be permanently imprinted onto objects to alter their vibrational properties in a profoundly positive way.   

7D TECHNOLOGY is implemented by utilizing the basic principles of energy and sacred geometry according to the principles associated with the realm of the seventh dimension (which exist throughout the human body, notably within each cell, within each chakra energetic center, and within the planet Earth itself). The emphasis of 7D TECHNOLOGY focuses on amplifying the positive force of life energy existing within an object, rather than introducing new energy into the object itself.

The result of 7D TECHNOLOGY is a radical amplification of positive energy in a person or space, which in turn creates a powerful transmuting field.  Negative energy, produced by sources including electro-smog and harmful EMF waves permeating our everyday environment, are transformed by 7D TECHNOLOGY into positive energy.  In fact, the 7D field is so powerful that it has the ability to transform everyday negative energy-producing toxic items (such as your cell phone) into an object that actually facilitates positive energy in a manner benefiting your entire being, as well as the immediate surroundings.