Copper Disc – 7D Technology


These powerful discs have a very concentrated large penetrating field. They are extremely effective at transmuting EMF (Electro Magnetic Frequencies), RF (Radio Frequencies) and any other energetic pollution in your home, where you work or in any area that needs a major energetic adjustment… which is pretty much everywhere these days. Choose an appropriate size and attach a disk to anything from a cell phone to the inside door of your homes fuse or power box. Put one under power strips, on your computer, on the back of monitors, on your television, under Wi-Fi routers, water bottles or food, against the power supply of major appliances, on known negative earth grid lines, on your power meter or smart meter, in your car… The possibilities are endless! The amount of energy produced by these discs is often enough to not only completely transmute the negative energy an electronic device produces, but actually make that device good for you whether it is turned on or not. Yes, that’s right, the next time you put your phone against your head to make a call, you could be bringing greater balance, health and healing to your brain, instead of feeling like you just stuck your head in a microwave!
Available in 1.5 Inch (4cm), 4 Inch (10cm), and 6 Inch (15cm) discs.