7D Sandalwood Mala


Sandalwood is a slow-growing wood with a rich, complex scent. Indigenous to Southeast Asia, Sandalwood is one of the most expensive woods in the world, taking up to 80 years for a tree to reach maturity. One of the most widely used metaphysical plants of the world, the use of this sacred tree in spirituality and ritual dates back thousands of years throughout India, Tibet, Nepal, other parts of Asia, and the Middle East. It is believed to have cooling and soothing properties, and to direct one’s attention toward the divine realms. In many cultures, sandalwood is associated with healing and purification, as well as being worn for protection and success in business ventures.
Traditionally yogis used a mala as a meditation tool, to keep track of counting while chanting a mantra. Holding each bead and silently reciting a mantra is called japa meditation. Japa means “mantra repetition”; you continue to recite the same mantra over and over, using the mala to maintain your focus. When you get to the end of the mala, there is a “guru” bead. You should never pass over the guru bead; instead flip the mala around and start over from the other end.
Each bead individually hand knotted in this item number, except the dark mala