7D Chakra Necklace – Heart – Gold Plated Silver with Colored Cord


“I Love” says the Anahata chakra.
We are Body, Mind and Spirit. The chakras are the seven main centres of energy in our body, each one related to the others. Each chakra is being represented by a color-one of the seven colors of the spectrum- a meaning, a location, a sense, a stone, an element, even a food type. This is the Anahata chakra, the Heart chakra, with the positive qualities of Love, Trust, Healing, and Compassion.
Wear the “WellBeing” chakras, and feel their energy all over your Body, Mind, and Spirit.
Product specifications:
Handmade in Athens, Greece
Jewelry Information:
Metal stamp: 925 Sterling
Material: 925 Sterling Silver; 14kt Gold Plating
Length: 22 centimeters
Resizable: No

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